Acting for equity in education

September 26-28

Acting for equity in education

Jonathan Kozol starts the conversation


About the event

JMU College of Education hosts Jonathan Kozol, one of the most influential voices in social and educational equity. Join this conversation and learn about ways to actively participate in your community.


About Jonathan Kozol

It started in a fourth grade classroom in inner city Boston with a teacher appalled by the horrors of the building, the curriculum, and the attitudes of teachers and administrators.  The system itself was more than broken – it was dead and decaying. For the  past 50 years, Jonathan Kozol has decried the ongoing inequities in the educational and economic systems that privilege the few over the multitudes of children, youth, and families who live in poverty.

With the increasing turbulence in relations among rich and poor, Black and white, urban and rural, Kozol’s voice remains a clear beacon to all.  He is unwavering in his condemnation of the evil that denies equity and justice for all.  He offers encouragement and hope to all of us who work with and for the poorest and most challenged in our communities.  We invite you to join us in this important conversation.


Kozol's Visit

Schedule of Events

Jonathan Kozol's visit is designed to engage students, faculty, administrators, and community members in conversation directed at the reality and inequities of our education system. There are a variety of forums that target these different audiences. View our schedule for a full list of opportunities so you can be involved.




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The events will be spread throughout the JMU campus in either Memorial Hall, The Student Success Center, or Madison Union. If you have any questions about directions or parking please contact us here.


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Madison Union

No matter what happens in a child’s home, no matter what other social and economic factors may impede a child, there’s no question in my mind that a first-rate school can transform almost everything.
— Jonathan Kozol
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